About Hot Logs

Hot Logs - Perfectly seasoned for your stoveHot Logs Quality Kiln Dried Firewood is an environmentally sound, clean and renewable fuel ideally suited for solid fuel stoves. Hot Logs are simply hardwood firewood logs dried to a very low moisture content. Our unique kiln drying process ensures our logs are consistently dry, resulting in an extremely efficient burn in your stove. We offer our kiln-dried logs for sale and delivery across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Why not download our  Hot Logs Brochure for more detailed product information.

We sell our logs in bulk bags which contain 1.4 cubic meters of kiln dried hardwood logs (loose volume), equivalent to 0.75m3 solid volume.  This equates to a weight of approx. 600kgs.  We deliver these bulk bags anywhere in Ireland (North and South) and all our pricing includes VAT and nationwide delivery.

We also sell our logs in convenience packs through a number of retail outlets.

We sell Hot Logs by volume rather than weight due to the fact that the weight of firewood varies considerably depending on moisture content and species. The pictures on this site will give you a guide as to the size of these bulk bags. They are delivered on a pallet and the bag dimensions are 1m x 1m x 1.4m. As a guide, if we were to sell this volume of hardwood firewood green (unseasoned) then it would weigh approximately 1.25 tonnes, much of which would be water. Instead, Hot Logs are already seasoned and ready to burn efficiently in your stove.

Hot Logs are produced from sustainably managed Irish woodlands and are one of nature’s most natural sources of energy. They are a by-product of responsible woodland management and are 100% natural. All we do is dry them! We support Irish jobs in the Irish woodland management and timber supply chain.

Carbon Cycle - Hot Logs Renewable Fuel

Renewable – Unlike oil, coal and peat based fuels, firewood is renewable – it can be produced within our life time without damaging the environment. By burning firewood from well managed woodlands we are not depleting the earth’s natural resources. The growing and burning of firewood from well managed woodlands is a “carbon neutral” activity. This means that carbon dioxide released when wood is burned becomes re-absorbed by Ireland’s growing woodlands which may in turn be used by future generations. Therefore, a Hot Logs fire is kind to the environment.

Convenient – Hot Logs bring you a real log fire in an instant. Our logs are carefully graded and kiln dried and are guaranteed to light every time.  Our kiln drying process ensures that they are insect free and very clean to handle.  We provide efficient on-line or telephone ordering and nationwide delivery within 2 working days.

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