What does Kiln Dried mean?

Kiln Dried means that firewood has been treated in a timber drying kiln which heats the logs to a high temperature for some time, literally cooking the excess moisture from the logs. Our kiln is like a giant oven and there is a huge plume of steam rising from it when we are drying a batch of HotLogs. This steam is the moisture from the logs that you are normally paying for when you buy unseasoned or air dried firewood. Our logs have a sweet, cooked smell and are always very dry, with a moisture content below 20%. Also, the heat from the kiln drying process kills moulds and insects, meaning that your logs will be clean and bug free!

Can air drying achieve the same moisture content as kiln drying?

Put simply, no. Air drying in Ireland will never achieve the super low moisture contents that we can with our Kiln Drying process. As we are all too aware, Ireland has a damp climate with poor drying conditions. Even with several years of air drying it is almost impossible to achieve moisture contents below 25%.

What is the difference between hardwood and softwood logs?

Hardwood logs come from slow grown broadleaf tree species which produce a denser timber with more embedded energy per log. Hardwood species include Ash, Beech, Oak & Sycamore. They will burn for longer and will give you more heat. Also, hardwoods are cleaner burning and produce less tars and creosotes which can be bad for your stove and chimney. Kiln dried softwoods will give a livelier but faster burn than hardwoods.

What happens if I burn unseasoned (wet) firewood?

Burning wet firewood is bad for both your stove and your pocket! A large amount of energy (heat) is used to burn off the water contained in wet firewood so unseasoned logs give off very poor amounts of heat. If you have ever seen the ends of your logs sizzling in your fire or stove you can be assured that your logs are not dry enough! Also, unseasoned firewood is very difficult to light and will burn at sub optimal temperatures, causing your stove to blacken with soot.

What size are our logs?

Our logs are cut to a standard length of 20 to 22cms (8 to 9 inches) which will fit most stoves and fireplaces. However we also produce a longer 40 cm length log (15 to 16 inches) which is available in our bulk bags. Our European logs are cut to 25cm (10 inches) in length.

Where can I buy HotLogs?

We deliver bulk bags of HotLogs nationwide. You can order HotLogs directly from us by using our online ordering facility or by contacting us on 041 9820924 or 087 8333256. Audrey will take your order and will schedule a delivery day that suits. Our convenience packs are available in a limited number of retail outlets nationwide.

How soon can I receive a delivery of HotLogs?

We can normally facilitate a delivery of HotLogs within 2 to 3 working days from the day of ordering. Please allow for slightly longer delivery times during our busy periods when the weather gets really cold or in the run up to Christmas. Remember to order your HotLogs early to avoid disappointment.

How should I store my HotLogs?

Ideally, you should store your HotLogs in a dry, well ventilated shed or garage or in a log store. If you store your HotLogs inside, in their delivery bag, make sure you open the top of the bag to allow air circulation.

You can also store your HotLogs outdoors in their delivery bag, but make sure that they are off the wet ground (on the pallet they are delivered on) and that the top is well covered to keep out rain. Don’t pile them on wet ground or leave them exposed to our wet climate as they will take on some moisture and all of our hard work drying them will be undone!