Cooking with Firewood: Wood-fired Pizza

Posted By: webmaster | Posted On: 18th February 2016

  In our last article, we offered some tips for introducing a wood-fired oven to your home. This week, we’ve decided to provide a simple and delicious recipe for a wood-fired pizza. Go ahead and have a look. Ingredients You’ll Need … Continue reading

Tips for getting a Wood-fired Oven in your Home

Posted By: webmaster | Posted On: 26th January 2016

In our last article we touched on the use of wood-fired ovens in the home or the garden. We briefly discussed how wood-fired ovens cook food evenly at higher temperatures, producing more delicious-tasting and nutritious foods than those cooked in … Continue reading

The Experience of Cooking with Wood

Posted By: webmaster | Posted On: 14th January 2016

Building an outdoor fire – setting it, lighting it, stoking it – is as aesthetic and pleasurable an experience as cooking itself can be – when one has the time, the urge and the right ingredients. Put the two together … Continue reading

Different Species of Firewood: Facts

Posted By: webmaster | Posted On: 28th December 2015

When many people go camping for the first time, they assume that collecting firewood for a campfire is easy. All you have to do is simply find some relatively dry wood on the forest floor, gather some kindling, and build … Continue reading

Roasting Chestnuts on an Open Fire

Posted By: webmaster | Posted On: 16th December 2015

The Christmas season has many associated rituals and traditions. One of them is roasting chestnuts on an open fire – but how how many of us have actually done this? In this week’s article, the Hot Logs team look at … Continue reading